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Saturday, 4th August 2018
Specials such as the Bush Telegraph and the Flocking Galloots can no longer be found in supermarket chain stores or for that matter in any retail store. Big name brands may be purchased at similar prices but not hand-made wines of originality and regionality-the Galloots is 100% Adelaide Hills. .. more...
Friday, 3rd August 2018
Numerous high scoring wines are bottled under the merchant label P. B. Burgoyne making it the safest purchase on Glug. Grab anything and you will not be disappointed. For the Friday Special I have made a mixed dozen selection which you can pick from over the next ‘now long’. The master-piece is the Burgoyne Rose but please note we make bone dry wines. .. more...
Wednesday, 1st August 2018
In a standard retail store, bearing a well-known label, Barossa reds of this quality would sell for $20 (the REF), and then you would be lucky. And much more under a boutique label. Buying direct from a wine maker-wine merchant brings many benefits. All you need do is pocket the difference. Please note the term REF is the reference price which can be used as a buying tool. .. more...

Fabulous Vintage Delivers Pleasure
Region: South Australia
Small parcels of back vintage wine exist in many wineries. Wineries are good housekeepers and these lots are well looked after.

At some time though they must be sold and thankfully we get a few of the right calls. Benjamin has done a wonderful job with this base, and recall we purchased way too much of  more detail...
Highly Pointed Great Price
Region: Barossa, SA
This is the final blend created by Benjamin though we did purchase some components. I mention this as recently I noted a rose from this supplier was pointed 97/100, a very high score for a white or rose. Benjamin only deals in the best though I mention this to provide extra comfort that this is a very great  more detail...
First the 2008 the 2016 Is Our Best Ever
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
This is the fourth Grenache release the first being the 2008. The Grenache is released every year as the market is much smaller for Shiraz. The grapes though go into other wines, one of the reason our cheaper blends are such excellent value.

Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz are the heritage varieties of the  more detail...
'We welcome any customer but you will enjoy the best of Glug if you like to see what nature brings. We make small batch lots, hence no two wines will be the same, as we are happiest when preserving the differences of wines. What we do best is buying at the farm gate and challenging our customers just a little with the many small variations we discover and create in our winemaking.'
The Heart Breaker
Region: Barossa Valley, SA

The Glug credo is to buy great wine when it is offered cheaply. I add that developing your range of tastes in measured amounts is the correct way forward. Thus this recent creation from Benjamin allows you to go deeply into the joys of Barossa Grenache with little riskas any genuine Barossa under $100 is a  more detail...
Best Of The Cool Adelaide Hills
Region: Adelaide Hills, SA

This Stratus is the third release from the same source in the Adelaide Hills, a high altitude vineyard above the town of Woodside. To bring out the best of Sauvignon Blanc you need a cool climate and to get this coolness in Australia requires elevation or a southern cool region like Tasmania.
Around  more detail...
First Was 2008 Now The Ninth
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Goat is a pure expression of Barossa Shiraz with a light dose of mature oak as it does not see new oak. Benjamin does not want the rich, ripeness and complex flavours developed from the fruit being clouded or masked with new oak. The wine does though have a lot of extract so stands easily on its own. The  more detail...

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