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P.B. Burgoyne Reserve Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013
Burgoyne Called These Tonic Wines
P.B. Burgoyne Reserve Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Peter Bond Burgoyne loved full flavoured, rich wines and sold these in the UK as tonic wines. A rich alcoholic beverage from the colonies which would lift your spirits and heal ailments. The wines were a surprise in the UK since they were warm and ripe, all things which European wines were not. We hope we have done justice to his legacy as this wine is firmly stamped with its origin - the Barossa Valley.
At the moment it has become fashionable for some critics to deride what such a location produces by favouring thiner, less extractive wines. The great wine writer Robert Parker refers to them as the 'anti flavour wine elite'.
Oh dear, I find there is room for all views but we do live and work in the Barossa Valley for a reason. As for the vintage, I'm undecided; 2012 was classical whereas 2013 has Barossa warmth but the conditions during vintage shifted constantly, so lets just say they are different. This wine though will keep.

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