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Parawatta Eden Valley Shiraz 2011
Like Barossa with a Cooler Note
Parawatta Eden Valley Shiraz 2011

Region:Eden Valley, SA
I think you have to get your geography right to really understand wine and its myriad flavours. The Barossa Valley is a very large sink hole in a north-south trending range called the Mount Lofty Range. To the east of the Barossa and wrapping around it to the south is the region we call the Eden Valley. It is colder and wetter and some 100 to 300 metres higher than the Barossa Valley. This means the red wine flavours move part way to those we associate with cooler climate wines. Yet like so much to do with wine they show this change, but are still more akin to the Barossa Valley than they are to, say, Margaret River or Mount Benson-Robe or Coonawarra.

The great Max Schubert told me how much he loved the flavours but no matter how much I tried as a retailer many decades ago I could not sell volume. The other day Ben was helping a local winery blend up a new batch of Eden Valley Shiraz and, being impressed with the result, asked if he could grab a hundred boxes. So here it is.

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