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Postcards 'Whale Bus' McLaren Vale Grenache 2013
Is Grenache a Candidate for a Luncheon Red?
Postcards 'Whale Bus' McLaren Vale Grenache 2013

Region: McLaren Vale, SA
What information to pass on to customers is something I constantly debate. Sometimes a thought might suggest a wine is different to what you intend to portray. For decades I have mulled over the idea of what makes the perfect luncheon red. I feel if you talk about a "luncheon red" the view could form that you mean a light red which is simpler than a red to have with dinner; or worse, that it may lack substance and complexity.

I hope I am wrong in this assumption as I would like to consume this wine for lunch but I do not wish to suggest it lacks complexity. Nicholas Bourke the winemaker of the Postcards series had no such views when he made the wine, only his desire to display the forceful fruit characters of a McLaren Vale Grenache. Yet for years I have enjoyed Grenache for lunch, even when they are running 15% alcohol, as they sit lightly on the palate and have a refreshing spicy character. Still you can make your own mind up.

We at Glug are very pleased to be associated with the visionary Postcard series of wines.

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