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Trennert West Winds McLaren Vale Savagnin 2013
Cooler Northern End of McLaren Vale
Trennert West Winds McLaren Vale Savagnin 2013

Region: McLaren Vale
So how did we spot this wine? We may start a buying trip with the idea that a chardonnay would be nice but can readily turn and buy something else. This is not how you are meant to do business in the wine trade as the conventional idea is to give customers what they want which means the popular varieties. I think there is a bigger interest which overrides all others, which is to provide our customers with the best wine we can discover for the best price-regardless of the variety or its origin. And I believe seeking out bargains should be the overriding interest of a consumer. Concentrate on what is in the glass for the price paid, not on some idea of the region or variety or heaven help us, the brand. Savagnin is a variety from the Jura region of France and is quite new to Australia. I find the wine fresh, vigorous and inviting, quite delicious it has no odd features worth commenting on and I place it in the 'sauvignon blanc' family in taste.
Note: The diversity of varieties planted steadily grows. About 10 years ago the Italian variety Arneis was introduced. Later genetic testing showed that the original cuttings had been mis-identified and these were in fact Savagnin. These wines were being sold as Arneis and progressive sommeliers had often poured this variety for me. To find out latter that your vineyard is different to what you had assumed must have caused a lot of stress. I suspect this is the reason we were able to purchase this wine at such a favourable price.

Price: $6.99


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