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Tremendous Barossa Shiraz Bargain
$105 a Case

The Real Deal Well Priced

Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
The Adelaidean refers to a red blended from the premium regions of South Australia that extend from the Clare Valley, past Adelaide, and down along the spine of the Fleurieu Peninsula, a distance over 250 kilometres. In my view this is one of the world’s greatest wine regions. I see great opportunities in this region to make great field blends for an agreeable price. This Auld and Burton is the third release from this project. Limit one per order.

Rich and Full Flavoured

Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

The winemaker Benjamin Parker has done a brilliant job with this Barossa Shiraz. That we can drink such riches for such a modest sum shows how blessed we are as wine consumers.

For good reason Barossa Shiraz is the most important wine made in Australia. Shiraz of course thrives in the Australian climate and is associated globally with the country.

Historically the first regions cultivated were in the warm climates though it was not till the 1950s that the real significance of warm climate Shiraz began to be recognised.

As vintage passed to vintage it was in turn apparent that regions like the Clare Valley, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale were blessed with some extra climatic influence which lifted the resulting wines above the pack.

As the decades role on it will be much more than Penfolds Grange that shines in the Worlds market place. Back home today however you can drink this remarkable Shiraz at a most agreeable price.

logo The price is $8.75 per bottle or $105 a case

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In general we believe in getting the big stuff right
as that gives us 95% of what we want and keeps the price low.

Tiny things, incremental things, can slowly build to alter the taste of a wine. Often not by a lot but enough to increases the shine or take the polish off.

Yesterday I read how flavours are altered by the number and arrangement of bunches of grapes on the arms of the vine; the arms being trained out laterally from the trunk along wires. It seems this is yet another detail which must be taken into account.

I take all of this fine tuning seriously but I never lose sight of the far more important factors and I might add neither do our customers.

In general these come down to asking, what flavours can I expect from that region and what is the cost of fair, average quality wine.

Now Glug does not deal in fair, average quality but it sets a base line. We do though combine our idea of a high flavour quality for a low cost-to create my value for money ratio.
We have not offered a better example of what we do than today's Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz. It combines the correct flavours of this famous region with the most popular variety yet at a price which is compelling.

However built into the wine is the meticulous attention to detail of the winemaker Benjamin Parker.

Now I agree there are extras that could have been crafted into this wine but offer this thought; you get 95% of what the Barossa Valley does well for this remarkable price.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

A note to Glug customers: The Glug site is now censored and the black bars cover prohibited words. The story which began on August 17th is now posted on Glug with more to follow (click on the top banner). Thank you.

Barossa Valley
Durif 2014

Like many consumers my impressions of Durif came from Rutherglen where the Durif variety was first planted in 1908.

It was never a regular drink but at times when I felt like a concentrated red with body weight, no better variety exisits, and then out it came.

The Australian wine business is rich and complex not only with its many vineyard regions but also with the thousands of enterprises and winemakers all working to accomplish their best.

It seems to me most have a side project investigating how lesser known varieties perform in their locality.

Thus Durif has expanded far from Rutherglen and now many Barossan winemakers work with the variety. Winemaker Parker made it the strong background note in his first Brutus Shiraz Durif 2008, though this Crayford is the first 100% varietal we have released. Lovely wine and will look good on your dinner table.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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Goat Square
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2015

'Does any other wine delight like Barossa Shiraz with its sweet, deep middle core.'

The Goat is one of our special wines. The Barossa Valley is a small, rare, unique piece of the earths crust and only from this spot do you get red wines which display such a powerful and unusual concentration of mid palate weight. At times the fruit is so intense as to appear sweet a feature which can make wines which live for 50 years.

The Goat Square wines come from a group of vineyards in the northern Barossa and any that look more interesting and intense than others are separated for the Goat. The wine is named after Goat Square which is an historic location in the centre of Tanunda which in the 1840s to 1860s was a weekend market place, particularly for livestock.

This is the 8th vintage we have released and the first bottling of 260 cases. The winemaker is Benjamin Parker. This Shiraz is what the Barossa is about and we refer to Goat Square as the salt of the earth.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2014

This is 6th vintage we have released and any customer who has the full sequence will be richly rewarded. The first vintage was the 1969 and the wine was made by Ken Kies at the Keelyn winery for the long established grape growing Kies family. I have drunk the 1969 and the 1973 and both were a pleasure.

The winemaker Benjamin Parker revived the brand in 2004 while the first Shiraz was the 2008 vintage and those who have each vintage are very fortunate and wise. Being the Barossa Valley we are blessed with vintages that while variable make good and frequently great wines. The 2011 was difficult and did not appear as Karrawirra.

Like the others this vintage comes from the same block farmed by Andy Kalleske in the northern Barossa. This is a warmer and drier part of the Barossa yet the higher elevation brings cooler evenings and this creates subtle and complex differences. Followers of the brand will enjoy this vintage and cellaring is recommended.

logo The price is $12.99 per bottle
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Big Red Mix No.12
from South Australia

To display some of our new wines the Big Red Mix rolls over to No 12. The highlights are many but the blockbuster Goat Square will thrill as will the Barbarossa. Yet the sleeper is the cleanskin McLaren Vale Cabernet which comes from a few cases left over after the labels ran out. If you purchased the 12 bottles as singles you will pay dollars more so it's a very good deal. Though as I said with the first, the joy is not the price or the saving but what is in each bottle.

Big Red Mix No. 12 from South Australia Mixed Dozen contains one bottle each of the following wines:
Dolan Sobels and Hope Pioneer Growers and Vignerons 'Squatters Three' Clare Valley Shiraz 2012
Cameron Country 'Red Post' Coonawarra Cabernet 2013
P. B. Burgoyne Adelaide hills Merlot Caberenet 2011
P. B. Burgoyne Wrattonbully Cabernet 2013
Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Cabernet 2013
Trennert 'West Winds' McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014
Albion Hills Langhorne Creek Cabernet 2013
Barbarossa 'The Valley' Blend Barossa Valley 2013
Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Crayford Barossa Valley Grenache 2013
Langdorf Kaldukee Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012
Cleanskin Remainder McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014

logo The price is $89.88 per case

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A Box of Big Red Surprises

Trial Bins 510, 508, 5210, 5110 Adelaidean-South Australia Mixed Dozen
The story so far has taken us from experiments or trial bin reds in 2016 to the release of three wines: the Barbarossa from the Barossa Valley and two from the long arc of premium SA country we call the Adelaidean. These three wines sell for $8.99, $7.99 and $6.99. This makes the mixed case of experimental wines from 2016 very good buying at $64 so I again draw your attention to this value.

Trial Big Reds from the Adelaidean Project

Trial Bins 510, 508, 5210, 5110 Adelaidean-South Australia Mixed Dozen
This special contains three bottles from four early red trials:

Trial Bin 510 Adelaidean Range Cabernet Merlot 2013
Trial Bin Bin 508 South Australia Dry Red 2012
The South Australian Bin 5210 Dry Red Blend No.2 N.V.
Trial Bin 5110 Adelaidean Range-South Australia Big Dry Red 2013

These Red Trials are made from premium regions along the lengthy, rocky arc which joins the Clare Valley to Kangaroo Island and includes the Barossa-Eden Valleys, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek. This great sweep of vineyard country is as exciting as any large region on the Globe and may well be the best of them all. We refer to this wine country as the Mount-Lofty-Adelaidean range.

Great wines have been produced since the red wine trials of the 1950s by Max Schubert showed us the way. The object is to bring together wines of several varieties from many regions and produce a blend at a low price which we will call the Adelaidean. The first has gone to bottling. These wines are experiments we bottled in 2016. They are authentic, regional wines made by us and as a mixed pack offer outstanding value.

logo The price is $64 per case

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Saturday, 26th November, 2016 -  David Farmer
Wine Australia is threatening to have a South Australian winemaker/retailer sent to jail for two years if he continues to use words like these on his website:
'This Tasmanian sparkling wine represents far better value than most champagnes.'
The offending word is champagne even though it is not mentioned on the label. The wine bureaucrats argue that the very mention of the word on a website or in a printed description of a wine is illegal under legislation to ratify an agreement between Australia and the European Union. Read more..

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