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Rare Barossa Reds from the Cellar
Grab the Moment with Big Savings

Harem 'Fatima' Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro 2012
Langdorf Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2012

There are a few cases of each of these left and if you feel like a trip into the sublime world of fine wine I recommend purchase at today's ultra bargain price. Mission accomplished with both and they belong in your cellar. A case of each is the maximum and if we have many buyers; well the last will miss out.

Barossa Valley
Grenache Mataro 2012

An absolute must at today's price. Decant and pour and experience a revelation. The Grenache for Fatima must be robust and once this style has been found it can be supported with a strong beefy Mataro. I have imported and drunk a lot of Rhone's and Fatima is made to reflect the Barossa image of these complex wines plus it will cellar so you can explore maturing flavours over time.

Four wines were blended; two of Grenache and two of Mataro and already the excitement is showing with layers of fruity complex character pushing forward and this will only get better and better.

I ask myself, where have wines like this been through my career. We imported them and now we find a brilliant expression can be made right at home.

Thank goodness there is an awakening in the Barossa but I do ask where have our producers been over the last 50 years, and for that matter where were the retailers who should have been promoting wines like Fatima.

This wine is a triumph.

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Barossa Valley
Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2012

Just about perfect and a real treat at this price. This is what I have been saying.

‘I have watched with interest the development of Grenache blends for decades and by the 1990s these had settled into the style called GSM's with roughly a third of each variety.

Placing Shiraz in the middle makes sense as we know a lot about variety and it gave the impression it shouldered the weight. Grenache though is the key and the percentage must vary to strike the right note.

Winemakers are far more confident with Grenache these days and the most exciting wines currently being made in our warm climates are those experimenting with this evolving style.

The first job when arriving in the Barossa 2004 was to plunge in which meant drinking all I could find.

This enjoyable pastime has led to the creation of this quite profound example of the style which is as good as I have ever tasted.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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To learn about wine start at the cheap end then slowly pay more.

I have been a long time in the wine business and am ever aware how easy it is to drift away from what real consumers know and think about wine. I have watched, often with awe, how table wine has become the beverage of choice for many and it is still growing in popularity.

About a year ago I received an email from the ‘wine master’ of a tasting group which explained how they had begun sampling $6 wines and were now moving up to $8 wines. This brings you back to earth as I often mention that in ‘wine circles’ value begins at $25 a bottle and an elite circle scoff that good wines can be found under $10.

This attitude is wrong of course but I learnt long ago that my views were not welcome in this circle and it worries me little.

I like this tasting group that started at $6 and is steadily moving upwards. This is an excellent way to proceed. Start humbly, discover what the differences are and much later see what a $20 wine delivers. I do think to gather knowledge you must do masked tastings or you run the risk of believing silly stuff but the first step is the hardest.
I never abandoned the $6 wines and am at heart a discount wine merchant. With the winemakers Benjamin Parker and Greg Liebelt I get great pleasure in helping blend up wines that can be sold for $6.

Today though the specials are not about $6 wines but two rarities from the cellar. For $10 and $11 you will experience a giant leap in quality so why not give them a go. You will note the difference which sheer quality creates.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

McLaren Vale
Shiraz 2014

We released our first Roxton in 2010 which was from the 2008 vintage. The history of the firm began in 1929 as a producer of fortified wines for the Southern whaling fleet, and after three other owners was resurrected by the winemaker Benjamin Parker.

These days the McLaren Vale based consultant Nicholas Bourke and Ben make the wine. I follow the production with great interest and apart from asking it be true to McLaren Vale, promote the idea that the wine be full flavoured and can be drunk younger.

Fresh vibrant flavours which have great colour and sing from the glass is one of the defining characters of wines made by Bourke which is, of course, why we use his remarkable talents. Yet wines made this way live for a long time so if you have the urge to see what will happen in the cellar have no fear.

I also like to compare a well crafted Shiraz such as this with the equivalent from the Barossa Valley as then you will see not only similarities but those hard to define differences which mark the regions settings. At this price the wine is a strong buy.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2014

This is the 6th vintage we have released and any customer who has the full sequence will be richly rewarded. The first vintage was the 1969 and the wine was made by Ken Kies at the Keelyn winery for the long established grape growing Kies family.

I have drunk the 1969 and the 1973 and both were a pleasure. The winemaker Benjamin Parker revived the brand in 2004 while the first Shiraz was the 2008 vintage and those who have each vintage are very fortunate and wise.

Being the Barossa Valley we are blessed with vintages that, while variable, make good and frequently great wines. The 2011 was difficult and did not appear as Karrawirra. Like the others this vintage comes from the same block farmed by Andy Kalleske in the northern Barossa.

This is a warmer and drier part of the Barossa yet the higher elevation brings cooler evenings and this creates subtle and complex differences. Followers of the brand will enjoy this vintage and cellaring is recommended.

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McLaren Vale
Shiraz 2012

In world terms McLaren Vale is underrated or unknown, and by this I mean in comparison to regions like Bordeaux, exclusive enclaves of the Rhone Valley like Hermitage or Chateauneuf du Pape or Italian regions like Chianti.

McLaren Vale belongs among these greats but I have no idea when this realisation will crystallise. Vineyards began in 1840 and within 30 years wines were being exported to the UK but the long record does not equate with recognition though the lights have been brighter over the last few decades.

Perhaps another 100 years will elapse before McLaren Vale is seen as an equal to the world’s big name regions. I am though comfortable in saying that it is not a quality issue but as with so many new world regions a problem of perception. In the meantime as I think many consumers know they are able to drink world class wines for a modest sum.

May I just say, please do not take this for granted but rather appreciate this as a bonus that you are smart enough to understand. This Trennert is an outstanding Shiraz offered at a modest price.

logo The price is $14.99 per bottle
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Barossa Valley
Shiraz Mataro 2014

The three heritage red varieties of the Barossa Valley are Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro and they did all they were asked of in the long, dark ages of fortified wines and spirits.

When the great Max Schubert (Penfolds Grange fame) returned to Australia in 1950 after his enlightening trip to Europe he wished to make a Bordeaux red but could not find enough Cabernet and instead worked with Shiraz.

I like the term 'the work horse' as the first of the three varieties to be elevated from repetitious but necessary work was a now a premium worker.

The other two were to wait four more decades to be promoted. Of the two Mataro has been in the background of most of the Barossa Valley reds you have tried and its appearance on the front label is because of this rise in status.

It has always made great wine but time and fashion has been against it. It forms the necessary backbone in this wonderful new release from the winemaker Benjamin Parker.

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P.B. Burgoyne
McLaren Vale
Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Recall that McLaren Vale wins more Trophies for Cabernet than is does for Shiraz.

McLaren Vale is a rare and unusual wine setting having an ocean frontage and thus a maritime climate, though with a few twists as it is far warmer than the latitude would suggest.

It is protected from the strength of the cold Great Southern Ocean by the position of Kangaroo Island and the closed nature of the Gulf St Vincent which makes it warmer than a well exposed ocean outlook such as Margaret River.

Thus the Cabernets are more generous with a chocolate depth to the flavours which is both complex and unusual.

For those who know our McLaren Vale style there is no risk as it sits in easily with wines from Hope Farm, Trennert and the like.

Thus I see brilliant buying both for current drinking and cellaring with a 10 year horizon.

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Goat Square
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2014

Developments are slow moving in the wine business as the single vintage a year and the need to build up stock from the first ideas takes a number of years. Last year we were able to introduce the first 'Ziegenmarkt' from thoughts that go back to 2010. The second vintage is now ready for your cellar.

This is how I see the wine. Knowing the source of the grapes, the weather at harvest and how the grapes ferment tells you quite quickly which batches are destined to make the best wines. Indeed up the road our large neighbour Seppeltsfield has hundreds of ferments underway at vintage and the senior winemakers tell me they know after 5 days which batches will fetch the most money - as their business is selling the young ferments to others.

Many years back the winemaker Benjamin Parker noted something similar with our intake and this developed into isolating batches for a future premium Shiraz. He called it the Ziegenmarkt, after the old market place at Goat Square, where the farmers gathered to exchange goods back in them good old days. We produced 129 dozen which preserves the difference.

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Big Red Mix No.13
from South Australia

To display some of our new wines the Big Red Mix rolls over to No 13. The highlights are many but the Village Belle Mourvedre will thrill as will the Crayford Shiraz which is a blockbuster Barossa. However as we love our Grenache the best wine is likely the Hope Farm Grenache. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Big Red Mix No. 13 from South Australia Mixed Dozen contains one bottle each of the following wines:
Auld & Burton South Australia Shiraz Grenache 2012
Cameron County 'Red Post' Coonawarra Cabernet 2013
Blockies South Australia Barossa Valley Shiraz Mataro 2012
The Diviner South Australia Shiraz Grenache Cabernet 2012
Light & Finniss Adelaidean Bin 536 Dry Red 2012
P. B. Burgoyne Adelaide Hills Merlot Cabernet 2011
Trennert 'West Winds' McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mouvedre 2014
Farmers & Growers 'The Ploughman' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013
Shearers 'Comb' South Australia Cabernet Merlot 2013
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Hope Farm McLaren Vale Grenache 2013

logo The price is $89.88 per case

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Six of the Best - Value for Money
The following wines are all rated very highly on my value for money index:

Adelaide Hills
Sauvignon Blanc 2016

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle
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Village Belle
Barossa Valley
Vermentino 2015

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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Village Belle
Barossa Valley
Viognier 2015

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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