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Two Bloody Big Failures

Big Savings on Two Great Deals - But I Failed
For an old hand at the game I was shocked to find my Friday special AND my weekend special were ignored. I have carefully examined both specials and I still like them. Thus I have come to the conclusion customers had 'bad hair days' and were not interested in buying. So I repeat both as I see great drinking value.

Failure No.1 - Save $32.88

Big Red Friday Mixed Dozen
For this Big Red mix I wanted wines which had density on the mid palate. That ripeness and weight which is almost sweet with intensity was the goal, but meeting of course my value for money equation. The four I have selected go close to the $15 ideal of a good Barossa Shiraz and have enough of the right, deep, satisfying flavours to have you reaching for another glass. Buy today and you will save $32.88 on the single bottle price.
You will receive three bottles of the following four wines.
Bengalee Barossa Valley Grenache 2014
Oakley Adams Coonawarra Cabernet 2013
Oakley Adams Padthaway Shiraz 2014
Restless Farm The Goat Padthaway 2014
logo The price is $99 a case

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Failure No.2 - Save $41.88

Weekend SA Red and White Pack
Toss this mixed pack of South Australian reds and whites in the pantry and you will be well rewarded. As is our way both were blended at the winery in the Barossa Valley and in small quantities as small is best. Buying six of each separately off the site would cost you $101.88 so at $60 you pick up a useful saning of $41.88. The Ariadne has been selling at $10.99.
Each mixed pack contains:
Borderland Estate Bush Telegraph SA Classic Dry Red 2013 (6 bottles)
Ariadne Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2013 (6 bottles)
Limit of one case with each order.
logo The price is $60 a case

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Buy sensibly and cautiously and you will do alright.

From now till the January heat rolls in is the best time to visit the Barossa. The Glug Big Spring Tasting is on in a few weeks and I hear a few special wines will be displayed. For those far away try to make our tasting day at least once. A quick visit will show you why we are such a different place to buy your wine.

And Henry is active on the phone at the moment so if an Irishman rings it will be Henry with a deal, cooked up with the winemaker Benjamin. The two go back to 1995 and have been around long enough not to waste your time by offering duds.

Meantime I do my best to keep up with all the wine news. Bloomberg has run a story about Australian wine in America and it read like a Mills and Boon quickie. We fell in love, out of love, and are again romancing.

I belong to the school of marketing that’s says all publicity is good publicity. Still, '..Then, starting in 2008, came a taste rebellion against fruit-bomb reds..'; so to then recommend new wave Australian reds made using carbonic-maceration, a technique which really makes fruity wines, is quite a somersault.
I also must also slap down 'Australia's dirt has some of the planet’s most diverse geology, which means wines from the same grape can be wildly different depending on where the vines are grown..’ as geology has nothing to do with the flavour of wine.

Back to what you should buy are last Friday’s mixed red special and the Saturday six and six mix both of which were completely ignored.

For a couple of days I felt as popular as a kid selling broadsheet newspapers in the cold, pouring rain, watching folk rush past.

Notice Barossa Wine Tasting:
The October, 2017 Wine Tasting will be held on Friday 20th October, Saturday 21st October and Sunday 22nd October. All welcome with a range of great specials. Chat with the winemaker Benjamin Parker and sample over 50 wines. At the Glug winery, 95 Samuel Road, Barossa Valley.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

Eden Valley
Sauvignon Blanc 2015

We are winemakers but also wine-merchants. The winemaker Benjamin Parker is constantly sampling the wines made by other small wineries looking for gems which can be added to our portfolio.

A few months ago one of his many contacts offered several lots of white wines from the Eden Valley and this Parawatta was by far the best-and in this role he was acting as a wine-merchant. It sounds simple but its not and those with a lot of retail training make the best wine merchants.

It's not the quality where the skill lies but in buying the wine at the right price. The Eden Valley is at a higher altitude than the Barossa Valley and lies to the east and south of this famous region. It was first explored by the German geologist-mineralogist Johannes Menge in late 1838.

Being cooler it suits white varieties and this Parawatta will provide much satisfaction.

logo The price is $7.99 per bottle
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Restless Farm
'The Pig'
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2015

‘There’s gold in them thar hills’ did not come true for South Australia although they did work an alluvial river flat not far from the Barossa Valley town of Lyndoch which is known as the Barossa Goldfields. The real gold has come of course with the recognition of the Barossa Valley as a unique, world class, wine region. Finding another place just like the Barossa is unlikely as while vines will spring up in many new locations my perusal of the global geography shows the location is unique.

Barossa Valley Shiraz is a world class drink and when well priced is a must buy. The range of Restless Farm wines dates back to the 2008 vintage with the first being The Goat from Padthaway of 40 cases. The other animals down on this strange farm are the Goose, the Elephant, the Camel and the Bunny. As expected

The Pig is stout, round and soft and to bring you up to date two real Berkshires called Crackle and Pop have been purchased and are growing quickly. Commence drinking now though this Restless Farm Shiraz will mature over many years.

logo The price is $9.29 per bottle
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Princeland Watch
Limestone Coast
Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The south-eastern corner of South Australia is known as the Limestone Coast. It extends from the Victorian border west to the mouth of the Murray River.

I know the country well and the beaches on a warm, gentle day are paradise. Mostly though the winds from the great mega Southern Ocean sweep this country and lets just say it is bracing. The attraction for vineyards is this cooling aspect and a range of interesting wines come from Robe-Mount Benson, Mount Gambier and more famous regions like Coonawarra and Padthaway.

We find very good value in the reds offered from this region and these we hold in mature oak and when stocks have built make a blend which is released under the Princeland brand.

We have been pleased with our last few releases and again strongly recommend the 2015 as you get a lot of complex flavours for a modest price.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle
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Stockwell Creek
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2014

A brilliant recent release from a very special tiny vineyard in the northern Barossa Valley. To help understand this wine consider it this way. I no longer think the wines of Penfolds are under-priced. There was a period back in the 1980s when they did not reflect world price ratings.

Slowly and more recently with some haste they have leapt up. For the premium part of the Australian market this is no bad thing. Since the back-bone of many Penfolds wines are varieties sourced from the Barossa Valley, often Shiraz, this price re-rating in turn creates another lot of bargains.

The Barossa Valley makes a unique wine style and if the Australian flagship is fully priced it makes the wines of all other makers under-priced if not down-right cheap.

I recently mentioned that the new Grange is priced at $850 a bottle and it makes no sense that great Barossa Shiraz by other makers costs way, way less. Try this Stockwell to see what I mean.

logo The price is $14.99 per bottle
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Village Belle Barossa Valley Vermentino 2015
Benjamin found this exciting wine a few months ago and after many trials, most of which I tasted, it is satisfying to have it in bottle and for sale. Recall that the first commercial Chardonnay only made its appearance in the late 1970s.

So if you have ever wondered where the other old European varieties, like Vermentino, with a history going back perhaps 1000 years, have been-well it takes time. I have been drinking Vermentino on and off for 40 years mostly under Italian labels and always thought it had a future in Australia.

You also have to bring customers along on the journey of discovery though Australian wine drinkers are now a pretty adventurous group, the reason why so many unfamiliar varieties are at last appearing in shops.

Recall at Glug we have a simple ethos of buying good wine no matter what it is called as the rule is – close your eyes, have a sip, if it tastes good who cares what it is called.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle
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P.B. Burgoyne
Limestone Coast
Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

When we search for good bulk reds at value prices we start in regions that are less know which means the produce far more supply than demand –for that regions name.

The region called the Limestone Coast is a huge area in the South East corner of South Australia which abuts the Victorian border. There are vineyards from Bordertown to Mount Gambier and west across to Robe and with outposts like Lucindale.

We know this country very well and its one of our favourite regions as the grape quality is high, since it is cool maritime, yet prices sit below fair on our value for money guage.

Enter this wonderful Burgoyne Cabernet discovered by the winemakers.

So what does it taste like? Frankly I cannot tell the difference between this Burgoyne and a similar wine from Coonawarra so you may as well pocket the difference.

logo The price is $7.99 per bottle
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Big Red Mix No.13
from South Australia

To display some of our new wines the Big Red Mix rolls over to No 13. The highlights are many but the Village Belle Mourvedre will thrill as will the Crayford Shiraz which is a blockbuster Barossa. However as we love our Grenache the best wine is likely the Hope Farm Grenache. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Big Red Mix No. 13 from South Australia Mixed Dozen contains one bottle each of the following wines:
Auld & Burton South Australia Shiraz Grenache 2012
Oakley Adams Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
The Diviner South Australia Shiraz Grenache Cabernet 2012
Light & Finniss Adelaidean Bin 536 Dry Red 2012
P. B. Burgoyne Adelaide Hills Merlot Cabernet 2011
Trennert 'West Winds' McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mouvedre 2014
Farmers & Growers 'The Ploughman' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013
Shearers 'Comb' South Australia Cabernet Merlot 2013
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Hope Farm McLaren Vale Grenache 2013

logo The price is $89.88 per case

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It's Back
A Box of Big Red Surprises

Trial Bins 542, 5640, 5770, 566 Adelaidean-South Australia Mixed Dozen
The story so far has taken us from experiments or Trial Bin Reds beginning in 2016 to the release of three wines: the Barbarossa from the Barossa Valley and two from the long arc of premium SA country we call the Adelaidean. These three wines sell for $8.99, $7.99 and $6.99. This makes the mixed case of experimental wines from 2016 and 2017 very good buying at $64 so I again draw your attention to this value.

Trial Big Reds from the
Adelaidean Project Mixed Dozen

This special contains three bottles from four red trials:

Trial Bin 5640 'The Jackman' South Australia Red Blend No.2 NV
Trial Bin 542 South Australia Cabernets 2013
Trial Bin 566 South Australia Rich Dry Red 2013
Trial Bin 5770 South Australia Full Bodied Rich Blend No.3 2013

logo The price is $64 per case

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