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Give Me
a Break

Here Are 4 Red Gifts

Four from the Cellar with
Ultra High Value for Money Scores

Give me a break! What happened on Monday? I grabbed two from the cellar and you gave them the thumbs down. Jesus wept! Though I have recovered to add another two for this BIG RED Friday. As I said ‘The simple job of customers is to buy bargains when they appear as the more high scoring ‘value for money’ wines you have lying around the more you win.' I hauled these four out of the cellar and stock of each is less than 15 cases. The usual limit of one case of each per order. You will not drink better.

Wow! Where Did This Come From?

Edward Gleeson 'Donnybrook' Clare Valley Shiraz 2012

We found several parcels of Clare Shiraz we liked back in 2015. Each wine had interesting differences and one became Squatters Three which is listed at $11.99 and the other is this Donnybrook.

The first Donnybrook Shiraz was a 2008 followed by 2009 then a gap to this 2012. I have had a fondness for Clare reds which goes back to the wonderful Leasingham Bin 49 Cabernets, Bin 56 Cabernets Merlots and Bin 61 Shiraz of decades ago.

The vines still exist and the wine-makers are better than ever so its time we expanded our Clare range. The winemaker has asked me to remind customers that a Clare expression of Shiraz is different to the Barossa so revel in the differences.

So please do not approach this red or any other assuming it will be just like our staple Barossa Shiraz - it's big but in a different way.

logo The price is $7.42 a bottle or $89 a case

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Wine writers do not serve your interests as they cannot relate flavours to a price.
Fortunately we can do without them.

Since I can’t taste and discuss wines with you, instead I explore thoughts and suggest directions in these memos, four times a week.

There are several dangers for readers and one is that my perspective has changed over the decades and may mean I miss what you wish to know or worse seems irrelevant to younger customers. It takes time to gather knowledge so it's not a change in my palate to which I refer, rather a change in the view of what's important that follows-on.

I have enjoyed leaving many thoughts on Glug, going back to 2004, and these of course are open to customers. I started because many articles, from newspapers, blogs and magazines, interpreting the same experience came to different conclusions. To be frank many who write about wine are young and do not have much to say.

So as not to drift too far ahead of customers I’m very careful not to stray far from what I believe is relevant to buying. Let me illustrate with two quotes.

The first is from Aldi in Germany and concerns the failure or worse the refusal of wine commentators to see that wine quality cannot be divorced from the price. Many I feel see connections to price as below them but not Aldi. ‘Mr. Scholbeck, who became Aldi Nord’s first ever communication director this year, said a €4.99 bottle of Spanish Grenache red wine recently on sale in the company’s German stores scored 93 out of 100 points on the American wine expert Robert Parker’s rating system, making it an “outstanding wine of exceptional complexity."
The second is a failure to note they are readily swept along by fashion and tumble into group think.
There can be so much more to Sauvignon Blanc than meets the eye. We talk to a number of producers about this often-maligned varietal and its incredible potential.' Why would anyone think Sauvignon Blanc is ‘often-maligned’ unless they thought they should say that for fear of being branded as liking something popular and cheap. It was lonely in 1978 but I did not care.

Back to the reality of Big Red Friday since for this wine merchant the game is about discovery and offering high scoring, value for money, wines. The four on offer will not disappoint.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

Next wine tasting date: Glug's next Sales and Wine Tasting Event will be held in February on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th.

Dolan Sobels & Hope
'Squatters Three'
Clare Valley Shiraz 2012

Yes we are based in the Barossa Valley but we do not wish to be identified as a Barossa producer rather as a producer-retailer of South Australian wines.

The Clare Valley was settled about the same time as the Barossa Valley and its important we show respect to this long history by building a wider selection.

The three foundation regions are the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and the Clare Valley and while you will not find it easy to separate them in a masked tasting they do have individual characters developed by the climate-weather and differences in handling the fruit.

Benjamin has been sitting on this wine for some time, letting it develop in mature oak, and it’s a very good offer as four years maturation has brought out the best. This is a great bargain for January, 2018.

logo The price is $8.25 per bottle or $99 a case

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Hope Farm
McLaren Vale
Grenache Shiraz 2013

This is what I have previously remarked: ‘I reviewed our portfolio of 20 Grenache wines on Monday 13th November, 2014 and rated the Hope Farm highly with my note saying ‘substantial’.

A recent tasting 21st March, 2017 confirms the original. The combination of Grenache and Shiraz works wonderfully and if you wish to start the adventure into Grenache this is the wine to buy.

When we released this wine I placed it on drinking alert such was my view and since then it has climbed higher.

Benjamin Parker worked on a wonderful parcel of Grenache and while it showed a wide range of interesting aromas and a fragrant and delicious palate decided the Grenache needed a bit more muscle and began adding Shiraz. At 42% they said this is the sweet spot and off it went to bottling. I loved the result and still do

logo The price is $7.42 per bottle or $89 a case

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Light & Finniss
South Australia
Adelaidean Bin 536
Dry Red Blend 2012

You cannot buy Jacobs Creek for this price.

Jacobs is made in millions of cases while just over 100 cases were made of this Light and Finniss, a product of our Adelaidean project.

Wines like this are hand made and are simply more fun and interesting to drink.

This Dry Red is a field blend from several premium regions along the Mount Lofty-Adelaidean Range with a backbone of Cabernet.

Limit of one case per order.

logo The price is $5.75 per bottle or $69 a case
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Big Red Mix No.14
from South Australia

A few alterations to No 13 means a change to No 14 though the highlight is still the Village Belle Mourvedre though in second place comes the Hope Farm McLaren Vale Grenache. Honourable mentions go to the P. B. Burgoyne McLaren Vale Cabernet and the rather stout Ploughman. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Big Red Mix No. 14 from South Australia Mixed Dozen contains one bottle each of the following wines:
Oakley Adams Padthaway Shiraz 2014
Cameron County 'Red Post' Coonawarra Cabernet 2013
P. B. Burgoyne McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014
Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Light & Finniss Adelaidean Bin 536 Dry Red 2012
PB Burgoyne Adelaide Hills Merlot Cabernet 2011
Trennert 'West Winds' McLaren Vale Cabernet 2014
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mouvedre 2014
Farmers & Growers 'Ploughman' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013
Shearers 'Comb' South Australia Cabernet Merlot 2013
Telegraph Road South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013
Hope Farm McLaren Vale Grenache 2013

logo The price is $89.88 per case

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