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Glug Loves Making Bargain Reds And Whites
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Two Exceptional Weekend

- PLUS Three More -

Drink Well with Two Exceptional Reds

Two wonderful reds on special this weekend. The Farmers and Growers Wheatsheaf is the best bit of blending I have seen. Two and two became not five but I reckon a seven. Yes the magic of blending - what an art. Then the Kitts Creek is another work of art being from our heartland, the fabulous Barossa Valley. Limit of one case of each per order.

Farmers and Growers
South Australia Dry Red NV

A colleague I worked with for a few years with an impressive palate screwed up her face with excitement when she discovered a bargain, loudly saying, ‘Oh a nice little cheapie.’

This is a very Glug expression and combines well with the spirit of the Glug winemakers who see making bargain reds as creative as making our best single vineyard wines. If a better taste means abandoning convention then so be it thus the new Farmers and Growers Wheatsheaf, the last was a 2008, is a blend of two vintages.

To put you at ease consider the very expensive Champagne Lanson Père et Fils Brut NV; a blend of 50% pinot noir, 35% chardonnay, and 15% pinot meuniere; made from 100 crus (different vineyards), with 50% from Grands and Premiers crus, with a minimum addition of 30% of reserve wines from 10 different vintages.

So let’s be relaxed about blending vintages as long as this improves the taste which is the case with the new Wheatsheaf. At the opening price a limit of one case per order.

logo The price $5.42 a bottle or $65 a case
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Kitts Creek
Barossa Valley
Shiraz Cabernet 2015

Benjamin and Greg make a great team and have again produced an exciting variation on the theme of a full, rich red from the Northern Barossa. In any vintage we make a fair bit of Barossa wine but we also buy in wines made by others. The two use these stocks to fit the flavour profiles of each of our brands.

Kitts Creek drains the very top end of the Barossa Valley and this region is higher, hotter and drier than for example the Southern Barossa. Indeed it is surprising the variability that the same variety displays along the 35 kilometre length of the valley.

Thus they take wines we have sourced from this region to emphasise this difference. Blending the varieties Shiraz and Cabernet has a long history in Australia or should I say South Australia and such blends appeal to us from taste, value for money, and by offering a wide range of variations to customers.

Still the Barossa is the Barossa and that taste over-rides varietal blends which become more of a additional, complexing factor. This Kitts offers strong value for money.

logoThe price $7.91 a bottle or $95 a case
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Buy good wines when they are placed on special.

The weekend line up of specials is very strong with two new bottlings made for the band of customers who want, fair price wine, enjoy change and variety while wanting to know they are buying authentic, hand-made, small batch productions.

Recognisable small batches is the hard part to find in conventional retail as a few favourites like Jacobs Creek and Mc Guigan Red Stripe Classic Red is all you regularly find for sale, and these are made in enormous quantities.

Strangely we have an industry where 70 % of the production is casks and wines sold at low prices yet the commentary by experts is largely about wines over $30.

Long ago in wine judging competitions I noted that lower priced wines were seen as second class citizens and if they got high scores well that was an embarrassment, easily shrugged off as, mistakes happen.
Over time it became an article of faith that the only future for Australia was to sell premium wines, which for far to many meant, we make sub $10 wines but it’s not really our job.

At Glug we beg to differ and get great joy out of making bargain priced gems. We discover time and again under-priced whites and reds which become the vast range of wines we sell priced at $50 to $80 a case.

Look at this Weekend’s specials.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

The Glug Sales and Wine Tasting Event is this Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February from 11am til 4pm.


Trial Bin 596
South Australia
Dry Red Blend NV

Recall that we bottle many of our own wines which means Trials and Experiments have moved from large beaker sized ideas to small production runs.

Using a professional bottling hall means you must commit to hundreds of cases and that stops dead anything that was not seen as a 100% certainty to sell.

This stifles creativity and many lovely wines I’m certain you would enjoy were never made. We bottled 30 cases of this Trial Bin 596 which blends two vintages to make a better taste but keeps the price low.

I call then kitchen reds; you sip these while preparing a meal. The spirit of change lives at Glug so each of these Trials is different but note they are all warm climate reds so flavor comes first.

When we make a cool climate red you will be informed. The Bin 596 is a bargain at the opening price so a limit of one case per order-thanks.

logo The price is $4.50 per bottle

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Light and Finniss
Fleurieu Peninsula
South Australia Rose 2015

This Light and Finniss explores the cooler spectrum of flavours being from vineyards well south of Adelaide in the ranges called the Fleurieu Peninsula. Looking back I think it’s fair to say that rose has been the ‘next big thing’ for many decades.

Sales have recently increased so we are adding several to our list. Really they are just white wines and in this case with some skin contact though you can alter the back palate and thus the finish of the wine playing with skin contact.

And in any case they look good and at times perception is everything. I look back with fondness to Mateus and Kaiser Stuhl as they were shop favourites through the 1980s though a little heavy handed with the sweetness.

We prefer them drier with emphasis on defining a back palate expression though heaven forbid this is not a light red and must not be seen as such. This is a good wine and will find favour with the growing numbers adding this style to their drinking repertoire.

logo The price is $7.41 per bottle

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Oakley Adams
Shiraz 2014

An exceptional region for grapes lies in the far, south east corner of South Australia. The most famous region is Coonawarra where vines date to the 1890s. In 1964 they planted similar land to Coonawarra at Padthaway, about 100 kilometres north west.

For a time the large companies Lindemans, Seppelts and Hardys promoted a range of wines labelled as Padthaway, such was the importance attached to the region. Getting buyers familiar with a new region is very hard and later they retreated. So the vines have matured, the grapes are beautiful and the resulting wine is now blended into many regular brands to boost the quality.

Thus brilliant parcels of wine can be purchased at medium to low prices. Padthaway ranks with Langhorne Creek as our favourite regions for exceptional value for money. This Oakley Adams is such an example and is a wine for smart wine buyers. Incidentally I developed the label concept of Oakley Adams in 1996 and its good to see it back on bottles. Limit one case per order.

logo The price is $7.41 per bottle
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P.B. Burgoyne
Barossa Valley
Shiraz (second bottling) 2015

I have to go back to 2012 to find the last time we sold a Barossa Valley Shiraz of this quality at this price. Indeed this Burgoyne is all we like and look for in a wine. The origin is the most sought after region in Australia-the Barossa Valley, the grapes were grown by well-known farmers, the wine maker Benjamin Parker prepared the wine for bottling which is a critical job and we supervised the bottling locally.

The wine was not made by us but on the bench against comparable samples this wine stood out as a grade above the others the and as you do we pulled the sample forward. The transaction was done and here it is released under the wine-merchant label of P B Burgoyne.

Burgoyne commenced business in 1871 as a UK importer of Australian wines and strode like a colossus across our landscape. We hope he is pleased with our efforts and I am certain customers will be. At this introductory price this should become the bread and butter red yet with the knowledge you are drinking a very high grade. This is what we are good at and is very close to our ideal of vineyard, grower, maker.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle

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Eden Valley
Riesling 2017

The perfect expression of Eden Valley Riesling must show that long, ‘rapier’ like fine, fruit note of pure, green citric intensity which travels along the palate and never quite expires. Well this wine has it.

I spent many years in my early life as a wine merchant exploring the lanes and by-ways of France looking for the authentic country wines which was training for the greater pleasure of searching across Australia. To still be at it and discover wines like this is where the pleasure is found.

The last Parawatta Riesling was the 2013 though it sits as a gold medal curiosity in my memory as it was nor true to style, indeed it led to lively discussion with customers, and shows though what the weather can do.

We can see from the 2017 that any description must say it was a classical year meaning you will get what you expect from the Eden Valley. In many ways almost perfect and will bring joy.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle

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Princeland Watch
Limestone Coast
Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The south-eastern corner of South Australia is known as the Limestone Coast. It extends from the Victorian border west to the mouth of the Murray River. I know the country well and the beaches on a warm, gentle day are paradise.

Mostly though the winds from the great mega Southern Ocean sweep this country and lets just say it is bracing. The attraction for vineyards is this cooling aspect and a range of interesting wines come from Robe-Mount Benson, Mount Gambier and more famous regions like Coonawarra and Padthaway.

We find very good value in the reds offered from this region and these we hold in mature oak and when stocks have built make a blend which is released under the Princeland brand.

We have been pleased with our last few releases and again strongly recommend the 2015 as you get a lot of complex flavours for a modest price.

logo The price is $7.99 per bottle
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Big Red Mix No.15 100% from South Australia

We move on to the No.15 with plenty of highlights though I still favour the Village Belle Mourvedre which is still with us though in second place comes the Langdorf Barossa Grenache. Honourable mentions go to the Trennert McLaren Vale Cabernet and the rish, full flavoured Kitts Creek Cabernet. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Glug BIG RED Mix No.15
Contains one bottle each of the following wines:

Langdorf Barossa Valley Grenache 2013
Oakley Adams Padthaway Shiraz 2014
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Langdorf 'Kaldukee' Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012
Light & Finniss South Australia Adelaidean Bin 536 Dry Red Blend 2012
Borderland Estates 'Bush Telegraph' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013
Trennert 'West Winds' McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mourvedre 2014
Cameron Country 'Red Post' Coonawarra 5th Bottling Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
P.B. Burgoyne McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Shearers Lament 'Comb' South Australia Cabernet Merlot 2013
Telegraph Road South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013

logo The price is $89.88 per case

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