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The Search for Everyday Value Wines
Tuesday, 14th May, 2013  - David Farmer

"While most of those who receive this newsletter would not normally (or ever?) buy a wine with a price of less than $10, there are occasions when knowledge of some of the best can be useful. Gifts to relatives (if they don’t know better), beach barbecues, fishing trips and the like are obvious purchase circumstances". James Halliday, The Australian Wine Companion, 13th March, 2013.

The idea that good wines must cost a lot more than $10 is widespread and the quote from Halliday's Wine Companion is not unusual. It is worth saying that should you enjoy wine a lot then paying more will get you a better product. I have no doubt however that many wines we sell on Glug rate much higher than the humble prices suggest. Wines of similar quality sell for about double our prices.

That of course is the reason to shop with Glug and I know of no other place that offers the range of sub $10 wines that we do. Also I believe that the only role of a good shop keeper or wine merchant is to find bargains for customers.

We live and work in the Barossa Valley, right at the coal face, and we make, discover, blend, package and label most of the products we sell; plus we know what we are doing.

Recently we have added to our range four new brands which will sell from $4.99 to $5.99. Like all of our wines they will come and go depending upon what we discover.

So please keep an eye out for:

Stonevale Wines 'Red Barn': Bargain reds from the Barossa, Clare, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek, usually $5.99.
Landaus Vintners 'The Diviner': Bargains from southern Australia, generally blends, usually $5.99.
Tractor Hill: Bargains from South Australia, mostly red wines, usually $4.99.
Mitchells Country: Bargain reds and whites from across Australia, usually $4.99.

I still get excited, as a good retailer should, when I discover a bargain.

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The Search for Everyday Value Wines

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