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March Mataro Madness 2014 is Underway
Tuesday, 4th March, 2014  - David Farmer

The barrel hall of a winery near Wangaratta, possibly Rutherglen, north eastern Victoria circa 1889, imprinted W.E Barnes but probably taken by F.W. Briggs. Of considerable interest to students of wine history is the chalk inscription Mataro which is more proof that the use of Mourvedre on modern Australian labels is just the silliness of marketing wanting to be posh. (from Douglas Stewart Fine Art)

FREE Bottle of Mataro with Every Order

March Mataro Madness is a promotion for Glug customers to bring focus to this long forgotten variety. Mataro cuttings arrived in Australia as far back as 1832 and current plantings contain rare and unique clones which no longer exist in France and Spain.

The devastation of phylloxera (1870s-1880s) which swept across Europe wiped out a lot of clonal diversity. Now this is being replaced by cuttings from Australia.

While mataro played its role in the fortified wine industry, unlike shiraz, it has never shaken off this past and is still seen as a secondary variety.

Last year during March Mataro Madness I asked for a 'Mataro Awakening' because wines from our warm climate regions are fabulous. Remember our greatest wine maker Max Schubert adored this variety.

Mataro - 183 years as a Wall Flower is Long Enough.

For the next 27 days Glug offer exception deals on a wide variety of mataro and mataro blends and these include the very best we have purchased and made, right down to the best value for money mataro blends we can squeeze out.

Our Hong Kong fashionista Alice Normal, has returned and again let her imagination take flight in selecting this year's Mataro Girls from her vast library of the quirky and eccentric. These girls have attitude, exactly the type of person who should gravitate to drinking mataro.

Then later in the month we will be releasing new vintages of Harems including a sensational Sultan which is 100% mataro, the new Rara Avis, a grenache mataro blend and the Harem Layla GSM 2012 which is so good I helped Ben drink a bottle and became so overwhelmed I nodded off to sleep. This Layla is going to cause me problems.

James Busby brought mataro cuttings to Australia in 1832 so lets raise a glass of mataro to his foresight even if we have been a trifle slow in responding.

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